Thursday, January 14, 2010 ♥ 2:48 PM

updates : )

blog is seriously dead siol. shall update more often i promise kays. :) my very first post for 2010.
HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. though it is like past quite long liao but still happy new year.
this few days been driving to school and all. and definately driving out late to go slack wid tricia &co and also some others. this are the recent nights out.

daddy was sweet enough to buy me, &the rest calenders that can be put into my bag and carry ard : )

been busy with my 2 students both equally cute. &also i will be working at LG concept store this sunday. so call me if you're coming vivo alrights : )

This year i have also celebrated my 1 year anniversary with bf. &i love him so very much. it is simple and sweet and i like it. like what jackson says, what is most important is the quality time we spend tgt as a couple. within 2009 we both have gone through so much. so much that even the whole entire tree cut down also no space write. and it is something that the both of us will know and understand.
the love is still on going and the faith and trust will always be there. &baby boy it's really ok if we eat grass in the future. all i want is us being tgt and the time we spend not the things i get from you my dear. bf understands me like no one else and im greatly and thankful that i have him :) i love you. christmas &new year eve is also well spent with him.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 ♥ 11:53 AM

19 saturday went to meet daddy &bf, fel, ah kum &sam at 401 there. gossiped and complain all the things. glad that they are always there man.

21monday was suppose to go work but all thanks to LUOJIQING &tricia lim physco me not to go work after our mj session at my place wid audrey. so we end up gg bugis after mj session. bought lots of clothes and spend like quite alot. but the over all big spender is still MS Luo Jiqing. : )

22 tuesday went tuition in the afternoon at kovan than went cwp for work after tt. like a daily routine like that. after that met up wid nuer & xw at 805 for dinner.

23 wednesday went town wid bf, tricia &jq. went apple to sent bf's itouch for service but was bounce back. wahhas. after that went fareast for shopping spree again but glad to sae only jiqing was doing the spree. ahahas. bf met his frens at night at town while i went back for dinner :)

counting down to christmas yo. : )

Friday, December 18, 2009 ♥ 12:27 AM

met up with tricia &eunice for the interview at wing tai building. &had lunch wid daddy &her colleague. after that went over for work at causeway &T was nice enough to accompany me there. &she waited for J all alone for like 1 hr plus &i'm damn guilty larh. cos i told her she can sit at the shop &we can chat &all. Everything joined them after work &we went for KFC after my work too. :) &i swear the shop's laptop is crappy la. no mozilla, no msn, no nothing siol. like only the basic internet explorer &i cant play cafe world, fishville or anything with it. just the basic facebook. hahas.

anyways thursday went to work too &meet up J&co at 805

friday went to tuition my kid &met up with T &E for training at wing tai building. bf was damn nice to wait for me through out &he claim that the canteen over there was a high class canteen. like in a sarcastic way of course. hahas.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 ♥ 12:26 AM

Started work today at causeway point M1. like nothing to do only. but quite not bad la learn quite a number of things. after that met up wif bf &went for ice cream at the airport. cos only the swensens there is 24hr larhs. hahas. after tt bf fetch me back :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009 ♥ 5:56 PM

monday gave school a miss due to the fact that i slpt till like 10 plus &it was damn late for school so just didnt went. met up wid tricia &went to play basketball wid serene &co.

tuesday was still late for school &i guess i am alrd used to all this NIFM &LATE thingy so just dun care only.

friday was the last day of school. like happy only. after school met up wid tricia &headed dwn to plaza to eat tgt wid jq. had dinner before i went there. &those two pigs sure can eat at suki sushi siol. hahas. went for few rounds of pool &went bliss after that. everything &co joined us & both everything &i bought this top &the aunt was damn freaking rude la. hahas. but whatever. while gg over to bliss saw charbel. chat awhile and bus over to bliss. xw &playmate joined after tt
slack there till my phone rang &it's dad requesting for supper. hahas. so bought his supper back tgt with my dearest nuer who was sweet enough to accompany me. so drove dad's car back to bliss to met up with them. went to plaza again like ard 2 plus &went back home for mj session at 4 plus. mj till morning 7 plus la. like shag only.

Sunday, December 6, 2009 ♥ 11:47 PM


saturday went to celebrate one year wid bf : ) like finally one yr. bf came over to meet me &drove over to ehub to watch zombieland &i swear it's freaking funny. after that went to eat sakura at safra tampines. after that went to pick guan rui &felicia to my house for mj session. simple &i loved it :) HAPPY 1YR MY DEAR : )

Saturday, December 5, 2009 ♥ 12:41 AM

mon went for my pp presentation and i was freaking nervous la. afternoon headed to city hall to meet bf and bought bf a crumpler bag as he wanted for oue 1yr anni. &headed for dinner at his place.

wed went over ps wid yans. went shop &trying on clothes as there was stil alot of time. waited for everything, xw &co. headed to seilgei to eat bean curd and headed dwn to 805 to eat and talk cock bus back wid tricia after that man. thursday after school went over to play mj : )

friday was so freaking tired because of the previous day pon class and went over to t's to slp la. &that stupid woman threw me alone at home. so met bf at tampines &also that stupid woman there. went over to guan rui's place for mj session &headed over to bf place for dinner. met up wid jq, xw &co for prawning session agn. &ebi culture is abt to moved!!!